Sediment and Erosion Control

STOPMUD Hotline Poster

The Town’s construction site runoff controls are handled by the Orange County Erosion Control Division. If you witness sediment leaving a site or have any questions regarding the program, contact that office at 919-245-2586 or visit their webpage.   The NC Department of Environmental Quality also maintains a hotline at 1-866-STOP-MUD (1-866-786-7683).

Sediment from construction sites needs to be properly managed to avoid impacts to streams and is regulated under the State Sediment Pollution Control Act. The resulting contribution of sediments and other pollutants from construction sites can cause physical, chemical, and biological harm to our waters. If not properly managed, construction site runoff can contribute more sediment to streams during a short period of time than can be deposited naturally during several decades.

Example of Construction Site Runoff Controls: silt fence, sediment pond

Construction projects are required to have temporary and permanent erosion and sediment control measures incorporated into their design.  Sediment can be controlled using measures such as silt fences, coir logs, sediment traps, check dams, and sandbag barriers. Erosion can be prevented using measures such as vegetation/sod, mulch/straw and geotextiles. In addition, sites should be free from loose trash and debris.