Safe Routes to School

Safe Routes to School is a program working to make it safer and more convenient for children to walk and bike to school.


Safe Routes to School Strategic Action Plan

The strategic action plan for Safe Routes to School was adopted by the Board of Aldermen on May 22, 2012 and endorsed by the Board of Education for Chapel Hill Carrboro City Schools on October 4, 2012.

Cover pages
Chapter 1 -- Introduction
Chapter 2 -- Existing Conditions
Chapter 3 -- Recommendations
Chapter 4 -- Policies and Planning
Chapter 5 -- Program Recommendations
Chapter 6 -- Program Sustainability
Chapter 7 -- Implementation Action Steps
Appendix A -- Public Input
Appendix B -- Funding
Appendix C -- Federal/State Policies
Appendix D -- Design Guidelines

Safe Routes to School Implementation Committee

"The Committee shall recommend transportation projects, policies, programs, or activities that serve to increase the safety and convenience of walking and bicycling to school. The Committee shall provide guidance and support for implementing the recommendations of the adopted Safe Routes to School Action Plan and evaluating implementation progress. The Committee may provide assistance with seeking project or program funding, including applying for grants, Safe Routes to School event planning, and data collection."

[Carrboro Town Code, Sec. 3-24.12(a)]

For information on committee membership, please visit the Advisory Boards page.